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Scans and graphics are another problem area if not done correctly.  Digital printing does not require as much information as offset printed items and can be scanned at a much lower resolution making for smaller files.  Don't be mislead by your inkjet or digital printer and photo glossy paper, printed material can seldom match the hues of inkjet or digital prints. Printing on a paper to simulate the photo glossy look requires a very expensive paper.  All files will need some manipulation after we receive them unless you are a  professional and understand postscript printing thoroughly and call ahead to  insure you are using the proper Printer drivers. In some cases even with professional files some tweaking is required to get the desired results. Web art is the worst source of art for printing. Web art is usually only 72 dpi and has been processed to reduce the colors down to 8 bit color so it will load fast on your screen, where most printed objects need to be 300 dpi and in 16 bit or 32 bit color to reproduce the color properly. We can remove information from an object, but we cannot put something in that has been removed. If you use web art in your printed piece it will almost certainly have jagged edges, and the results will be disappointing.  Enlarging or stretching graphics in your piece without planning for it can result in less than desirable results also. If your art is too small you must compensate for it when you scan it see our page on  unless you are using vector art which can be stretched  to nearly any size required  For additional information on scanning and preparing graphics for printing see our Software page.

When scanning objects to include with your files use the following settings to avoid problems of file size and still get maximum quality.

  • For digital printing at 85 lpi ~ (Laser Printers) ~ scan black & white at 132 dpi and scan color at 174 dpi. 
  • For film at 133 lpi ~scan black & white at 206 dpi and scan color at 273 dpi.
  • For film at 150 lpi ~scan black & white at 232 dpi and scan color at 304 dpi.
  • For Big Color (wide format) Posters ~ scans at 300 dpi will usually have enough information for our software to enlarge with great quality. 
  • To enlarge or reduce:
    (line screen) x 1.5 x (enlarge or reduce %) = Scan Resolution.

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